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Hi I'm Katie, and I love dogs! 

I grew up with dogs my whole life: German Shepherds, Boxers, Pit Bulls, Huskys, and many other breeds were apart of our family, and I always loved their company...many times more than people. I really adore their big hearts, and their ability to love you no matter what! 

Recently, we adopted a rescue puppy to our family: Luna. We got her as a birthday gift for our daughter, Love, who is obsessed with dogslike mother like daughter! During the summer, Love joins me on walks while also providing extra play time for your doggy.




Why choose Wag Walk Repeat?

We are a small family run business, and we want to develop a relationship with every client. Other dog walking companies have hourly employees and high turn over ratesmeaning that you have many different people in your home. I don't know about you, but I like to know who is in my house--especially when I'm not home.

At Wag Walk Repeat, we give you the peace of mind that there are no strangers in your home. Our family will be the only people who ever enter your house. We believe that trust is the foundation of any great relationship.





Where we walk (CLICK):

Wag Walk Repeat serves the following Denver neighborhoods: Cherry Hills, Denver University, Cory Merrill, Washington Park, Cherry Creek, and Denver Country Club. Click above to see our exact service area.





We help those in need:

We donate 5% of our total revenue to Denver non-kill shelters in the area to protect our friends that don't have a great home yet.

We offer a free initial 15 minute meet and greet, so we can sniff each other out...I won't sniff your butt if you don't sniff mine ;). We will leave that business to the dogs, and we can discuss the important stuff such as your dog's personality, temperament, likes, dislikes and any dietary, or health concerns. 

Enough chit chat lets get walking!

"Katie's the only one who knows about that time I pooped in the house. Best friends always keep your dirtiest secrets." 

- Cody ()


"Okay so this is hard to talk about...A couple of months ago I ate 75 aspirins, and I was thinking I was going to end up in doggy heaven.

I thought the aspirins where my beef treats;  I was throwing up, and my mom was at work; I felt scared and all alone, but then I saw the light; it was Katie coming for my daily walk. She comforted me and consoled me until my mom brought me to the doctor. 

I give Katie 5 dew claws. "

-Rosey ()

"I'm a high maintenance kinda girl, and Katie knows just how to pamper me, and make a girl feel special!

I'm not a big fan of walking, but I sure do love to get out and get fresh air. Katie carries me on our walks, then, she takes me home, and we have girl time: she brushes my hair, and we just hang out."

-Mona (Terrier Mix)

"I know you all hate the mailman like I do. Well one day I tried to kill him! If Katie hadn't held me back that day I could of been put down for manslaughter. Thankfully I am still living a spoiled life with my family. "

-Hopps (Lab Mix)

"Sometimes I get bored at home and chew things up. Since Katie has been coming by to visit me and play with me, I've got no more energy to chew anything up! If you have a chewing problem like I did call Katie, and she will help you kick the habit!"

-Biff (English Pointer Mix) 

"Katie's positively the best, not only does she take me on walks, but she chases squirrels around the neighborhoods with me."

- Chester ()


"I know this may sound strange, but I can't poop with someone I don't trust. I didn't trust my last walker; she didn't smell right, and I couldn't poop with her, so I would sometimes poop in the house, and my mom would get mad. 

I don't like disappointing my mom. I trust Katie completely, and I always poop on my walks with her! I highly recommend Katie!"

- Honey ()

"Unfortunately, I have to share my home with two dreadful cats! Katie gives me all the love and attention when she's there. I love making the cats jealous with Katie." 

P.S. Dogs rule and cats drool!!!

 - Chester ()

Wanna go for a walk? 

These words are gold to your dog, so if you can't get them out for one, let us do it! 


Calendar, Wag Walk Repeat walks weekly Monday to Friday from 10 am - 3 pm. After hour walks can be provided between 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm for an additional $5 per walk

Minimum 2 day per week walk schedule, We want to get to know your dog, and establish a routine with them, so we need consistency to do this

Save Money, If your dog has a friend on the block that you would like to share a walk with, each walk is discounted $2.50

Holiday Rates, Christmas, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving and Easter please add $5 per service. All other holidays are regular rates

20 Minute Walk


30 Minute Walk


Pet Sitting: Let us take care of your fur baby while you're away!


We treat each animal as if they are our own, and provide them with the utmost care.

We can also water your plants and collect your mail for no additional charge along with any other small daily rituals at your home. 

Prices listed below are for 1 pet, add $3 per additional pet.

Pet Sitting 1 visit per day

  • 1 visit per day for 25 minutes; any time of your choosing from 8 am - 8 pm

Pet Sitting 2 visits per day

  • 2 visits per day for 25 minutes each; any time of your choosing between 8 am - 8 pm

Pet Sitting 3 visits per day

  • Morning, afternoon and nighttime visit; 25 minutes at each visit

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